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Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance
2014-10-30 11:47:22

phenomenon: the car to accelerate the car, fuel consumption increases; cold start is not smooth, even cold start problems.

Reason: The reasons for this failure are more long-distance running after this problem occurs oil is likely to be used by the problem. Now the uneven quality of oil filling stations, if gasoline is stored a long time, or the quality of gasoline itself is a problem, make too much gum content in gasoline. After using this petrol car, around the intake valve will generate a lot of gum, the intake valve movement sluggish, serious cause the intake valve in the cold car movement catching, the engine is not easy to start.

The solution:

1. Slight carbon gum can be taken with liquid cleaning methods.

2. serious gum coke head can only be removed for cleaning, but also clean the oil. Some provinces in the use of ethanol gasoline, there is no problem if the quality is not what harm the engine, do not wash the oil.

phenomena: the bottom of the car appeared spill

Reason: oil spills occur after long-distance running in general there are several possibilities. The first is the bumpy road, traveling occurs drag the bottom, sometimes inadvertently, minor bruises sump was not found, came back to find oil spills; it could be the engine for a long time at high speed, such as power steering pump, gearbox other parts may be due to greater fat load (parameter models picture torture) raw oil spills. Engine crankcase ventilation is often ignored during maintenance, the problem is not low speed will cause excessive crankcase pressure at high speeds, oil leakage.


1. Check the chassis to do maintenance, replacement of damaged parts.

Let the car maintenance personnel inspect the site of leakage, tighten or replace the corresponding seal 2. When doing maintenance.

3. Cars attention to maintenance crankcase ventilation components doing maintenance.

Three phenomena: Automotive low speed given the rhythmic hum abnormal sound, high speed abnormal sound attenuated

Reason: The car is not accurate wheel alignment, tire wear large long-distance travel, the formation of bias tire wear, abnormal noise.


To feel the tire tread, if you can feel the inside or outside of the tread has rugged feel, be sure it is the cause of the abnormal sound.

Wheel alignment must do first, and then replace the tire.

● Symptom four: abnormal sound obvious car at low speed, high speed issue uniform buzz

The reason: the wheel of a car when this phenomenon occurs bearing damage. Long-distance running high requirements for wheel bearings, bearing in long high-speed run, poor quality or have been used for a long time due to fatigue of the bearing will be damaged, abnormal noise.


To the service station on the site of the abnormal sound judgment, determine which wheel problem, replace.

phenomenon Five: Automotive low speed high temperature, high speed normal

Cause: The water tank and air conditioning condenser is typically located in the front car, long-distance high-speed, water and condenser will be blocked insects and dust, plus spring catkins, causing the tank condenser cooling effect of variation, at high speed due to the wind stream faster, the water temperature is not too high. When the low speed and idling, and only rely on their own when the condenser cooling water tank, due to the cooling effect is good, the water temperature becomes higher.


To a service station or a maintenance shop remove tank mask, first with high-pressure gas to clean insects and dust, and then washed with water.

phenomenon Six: high idle after the car at high speed, or slightly unstable

Reason: The car engine long high speed, due to the high temperature inside the engine will burn off soot part on the exhaust side. That is why we often say the high-speed car drove up finish will feel relaxed. However, some of the engine control system, the engine control unit can not immediately adapt to the condition of the individual cylinders of carbon reduction, also in accordance with the previous adaptation value injection and ignition, idle speed will cause the variations or instability occur. The engine is running some time control unit will gradually learn to adapt to the new value, idling will be restored.


Do not have to bother to continue driving should be restored;

If you still can not stabilize after a few days, can go to the service station to be checked to see if there are other problems

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