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Modified car fans basics necessary modifications
2014-10-30 11:49:29

Now there is a lot of car owners to modify their own ideas, but no idea whether the science is so cicadas, because we live around there are many owners are blind like modification, the blind pursuit of modified cars with their own spiritual to a stimulus, but did not know that when it comes to knowledge conversion, it can be said that only some knowledge of twelve. So we took the following modification fans to learn what they do not know the basics of modification.

     Exterior modifications basics of conversion

     About car modification course Judging from the appearance of the surface of what he is not difficult to understand, that is to make modifications on the car exterior. But when it comes to car modification includes what many owners do not know, in fact, car modification, including the ins and outs and other twelve much modification, together referred to as the appearance of the modification. Not just like their owners, as long as the car's color changed, even if the appearance of modified imagine.

     Modified basic tire knowledge conversion

     In fact, that is converted tire tire + wheel modification. Modified car owners in the modification of the tire few, relatively speaking, on the modification of the hub converted a lot more than tires. The purpose of the hub is to be modified in order to improve driving performance of the car, let the car a smoother ride, of course, aesthetics are also accounted for part of it.

     Basic knowledge of power conversion modification

     Power conversion in the modified car is a very important part, power conversion, nature is said to do the upgrade on the engine, but the exhaust pipe modification, modified brake system, brake system modifications are also among hundreds in power conversion. But the engine is the most important one Bale. But in doing power conversion when the attention is the engine of the problem is most needed, if a careless modified engine, the engine will cause damage to automobile accidents.

     In short car modification looks cool, but doing it is not so simple, if you want to become a real fan of car modification, then it must start from the most basic knowledge to master every modification precautions and skills.

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