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Product Abstract:

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Product Description

Geely emgrand x7 auto parts,geely emgrand,emgrand,geely mk,geely ck,geely ec7,geely cross,chery,geely car,geely cars,geely,geely emgrand ec7,emgrand ec7,geely volvo,volvo,geely lc,geely mk cross,geely auto,geely,geely x7,geely panda,geely sahibinden,sahibinden,geely autos,gelly,emgrand x7,geely emgrand,emgrand,geely mk,geely ck,geely ec7,geely cross,geely emgrand ec7,emgrand ec7,geely volvo,volvo,geely lc,geely mk cross,geely x7,geely panda,geely sahibinden,emgrand x7,geely emgrand x7,geely mobil,araba,geely araba,1017009659-01 CONDENSER ASSY.(LG-1,LG-3,08LG-1) 1017000211 Condenser assy (Visteon) (EC8) 1017001093-01 Left front combination lamp assy 1016003760 RADIADOR AUT. 1067000139 CONDENSER ASSY. (FC-1) 1064001500 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER & RESERVIOR ASSY. 1018016640 GLASS 1064001060 EPS WITH TIE ROD ASSY.(FE-1,FE-2) 1014001633 POWER STEERING GEAR & TIE ROD ASSY. (MK) 1014001685 GEARSHIFT SHAFT ASSY. (MT) (MK) 1066002154 Fuel filter mounting assy 1066002030 RADIATOR ASSY 1014001676 REAR SHOCK ABSORBER MOUNTING ASSY.(MK) 1067001523 LR DOOR GLASS REGULATOR ASSY.(ELECTRIC) 1067000114 WASHER RESERVOIR WITH MOTOR ASSY. (FC-1) 1601285180 FUEL PUMP & FUEL SENSOR ASSY. 达亮报错 1016001861-01 FUEL PUMP & FUEL SENSOR ASSY 1064001527 AT GEARSHIFT ASSY 1400616180 LR SHOCK ABSORBER 1701552180 RR COMBINATION LAMP ASSY.(CK) 1064001256 Left front shock absorber assy 101600319996 FUEL PUMP & SENSOR ASSY 1064001723 Right rear brake cylinder assy 3501101005 BRAKE DISC (HQ/4 CYLINDERS) 1016012872 FUEL PUMP ASSY 1014013478 VACUUMN BOOSTER & MASTER CYLINDER ASSY.  1400518180 RF SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY. 1401253180 STEERING PUMP ASSY.(RECEIVER & PULLEY) E010500105 CYLINDER HEAD(MR479Q) 1064002089 VACUUM BOOSTER & BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER A 1017009712 CONDENSER ASSY.(LC-1) 1064001525 RF DRIVING SHAFT 1064001048 C PILLAR ASSY.RH(FE-1,FE-2) 1400516180 LF SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY. 1064001047 C PILLAR ASSY.LH(FE-1,FE-2) 1014013223 BACK SHOCK ABSORBER LEFT 1014013034 AMORTIGUADOR DELANTERO RH 1400618180 RR SHOCK ABSORBER E080000010 starter assembly #N/A 1018002732-01 Evaporador / EVAPORATOR 1017000653 COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY.(LC-1) 1064001281 Front brake discs 1098020023 RADIATOR GRILL 1106010361 GASKET ASSY-ENGINE 1017002384-03 CENTRE CONTROL 1136000126-01 FUEL PUMP ASSY.(NEW TYPE)(EC7,EC7-RV) 1014003273 DUAL BALL BEARING 1014014205 Rear Br.Pad 1064000093 LOWER CONTROL ARM BALL END ASSY. (FC-1) 2110710012 THROTTLE BODY COMPONENT(MR479,EURO Ⅲ)(W/O MOTO & SENSOR) 1017017778 COMBINATION INSTRUMENT 1136000158-01 WATER PUMP ASSY 1061001092 FRT WHEEL HUB ASSY.(FC-1) 1066001256 TCU 1136000115 OIL PUMP COMPONENT (4G18) 1016003451 FUEL SENSOR ASSY.(CK-1) 1136000156 THERMOSTAT ASSY. (4G18) 1014013028 AMORTIGUADOR DELANTERO LH 1097092207 FR L SHOCK ABSORBER 1014015032 POWER STEERING GEAR & TIE ROD ASSY.(LC-1) 1018002690-01 compressor assembly 1064001722 Left rear brake cylinder assy 1066001255 ECU 1068020087 LF DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR ASSY. (CK-1) 3502145106 REAR BRAKE SHOE ASSY.( OVERSIZE) one set(4 pcs) 1017002725 ANTENNA ASSY 1403060180 REAR BRAKE SHOES SET 1014014204 FRONT BRAKE FRICTION 1016003101 fule pump assy 1066002097 OIL FILTER 1018002773-01 AIR SCREEN (LG-1,LG-3,08LG-1) 1016052597 water pump assy 1400501180 RIGHT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 1400500180 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM ASSY. 1016052597 water pump assy 1014001606 RIGHT LOWER FRONT SUSPENSION TRAILING ARM ASSY.(MK) 1064001264 Welding Assembly of left below arm 1064001111 Welding Assembly of right below arm E010400201 MAT,CYLINDER HEAD COVER OIL BAFFLE PLATE 1136000113 OIL FILTER ASSY. (4G18) 1068002011 ENGINE HOOD INTERIOR SEAL ASSY. 1066001345 FUEL FILTER INLET HOSE 1016003452 FUEL SENSOR ASSY.(LG-1) 1067000117 WASHER NOZZLE ASSY. (FC-1) E020600005 OIL PRESSURE SWITCH 1702182180 WASHER NOZZLE 1064001743 RESERVIOR CAP 1106013286 O-RING FUEL-INJECTOR 1701151180 SIDE TURNING LAMP ASSY 1067001313 LICENSE PLATE LAMP ASSY. 1068020407 RR DOOR ACTUATOR 1017003869 ANTI-THEFT CONTROL ASSY.(CK-1) 1016001864 FUEL RETURN HOSE ASSY.(MK) 1086000735 SENSOR,THROTTLE POSITION E040000401 Shim 2.93 mm 1014013274 REAR BUSHING ,LOWER TRAILING ARM 1067002105 REMOTE CONTROLL THEFT DETERENT HORN 1014001713 FRT SUSPENSION BRACKET SUB-ASSY. (MK) 1701441180 INTERIOR DOME LIGHT (BEIGE) 1017002192 WASHER MOTOR ASSY. (MK) 1017002356-01 CENTER CONTROL (WITH REMOTE CONTROL)(LG-1,LG-3,08LG-1) 1402138180-01 #N/A 1402137180-01 RF BRAKE CALIPER(ABS)(CK-1) 1402136180-01 LF BRAKE CALIPER(ABS)(CK-1) 1014013296 ARM BUSH LONG EC8 1802545180 Filler cap assy 1066001168 FUEL SENSOR 3PK610 steering pump belt 1018002703 MULTI-WEDGE BELT 4PK-810(MK) E030000701 TIMING BELT(479Q) 1407042180 CABLE ASSY-PARKING BRAKE,RH 1016004092 ECU 1064001040 power steering pump assy 1066001373 FAN MOTOR ASSSY 1287000005 #N/A 101400168852 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER ASSY. 1017017112 REMOTE CONTROL (ENGLON) 1018016250 BLANK KEY 1067001131 10A MINI FUSE 1067001011 MINI TYPE RELAY 1067001129 5A MINI FUSE 1067001134 25A MINI FUSE 1018016250 BLANK KEY 1018010723 KEY 1067001132 15A MINI FUSE 1014001688 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER ASSY. (MT) (MK) 101700256300655 Parktronic sensor Geely MK2 1016001765 ENGINE RIGHT MOUNTING ASSY.(CK-1A/S160G) #N/A 1061001404 REAR BRAKE FRICTION PAD(FC-1) F-30A #N/A 1700356180 FUSE 10A 1067001133 20A MINI FUSE 101700256500655 rear door glass elevator control switch with panel (black metal) LG - 3 1064001696 Rear shock absorber assembly buffer block 1064001705 Tie rod dust cover 1400554180 FRT CUSHION BLOCK 1014012463 Rear brake disc 1016002975 REAR INSULATOR,ENGINE 1401261180 STEERING RACK END SUB-ASSY.(HYDRAULIC) 101400181 REAR BRAKE DRUM 1064001294 REAR BRAKE DISC 1016050351 FLY WHEEL (MT) 1014001815 REAR BRAKE DRUM(MK) 1014014771 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER 1086000783 FLY WHEEL ASSY.(EURO Ⅳ)(CK-1/LG-1) 1061001246 A/C FILTER BRACKET WITH NET(FC-1)(CHONGQING) 1058000023-01 RIGHT TURNING SIGNAL LAMP COVER(IMPROVE) (LG-1,LG-3) 1064001265 Lower arm front bushings 1014001696 ACCELERATOR CABLE ASSY. (MK) 1067001123 30A FUSE 1700358180 MINI FUSE 20A 1017002363 CENTER CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL (LC-1) 1700360180 MEDIUM FUSE 30A 1700359180 MEDIUM FUSE 20A 1700357180 MINI FUSE (15A) 1064000071 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER ASSY. (FC-1) JQDCAL20 inserting fuse (20 A) JQDBL30 plate type fuse (30A) JQDBL40 plate type fuse (40A) JQDBL110 plate type fuse (110A) JQDBL80 plate type fuse (80A) 1400624180 "Rear cushion block -Rear suspension vibration damping" 1017009584 CAMERA 1097092221 #N/A 1064001329 LEFT LOWER TRAILING ARM REAR RUBBER BUSH(FC-1) 1068002014 ENGINE HOOD MOLDING 1064001955 HPS PUMP ASSY (SL-1) 1014013043 REAR SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY.(LC-1) 1064001529 SHIFT CABLE 1200158180001 LF FENDER SUB-ASSY.(ELECTROPHORESIS)(CK-1) 1200159180001 RF FENDER SUB-ASSY.(ELECTROPHORESIS)(CK-1) 1018009777 FRONT BUMPER 1098020001 FRONT BUMPER 1018011406 DEFENSA TRASERA 1018006112-01 front bumper 1098020005 Rear bumper 1018003783 REAR BUMPER (CK 08 VERSION) 1018010301 FRONT BUMPER 1068001651 front bumper 1018013272 REAR BUMPER 1018006146 REAR BUMPER 1064001191 Cooling fan assembly 1017001094-01 Right front combination lamp assy 1017015740 Right rear combination lamp assy 1802561180 CONDENSER ASSY.(RADIATOR FORWARD) 1066001554 ELECTRON FAN & SHIELD ASSY (BOSCH) 1067001230 Left rear combination lamp assy 1067001231 Right rear combination lamp assy 1017009820 LR COMBINATION LAMP ASSY (RHD) 101700158596 TAIL LIGHT ASSY,LH 101700158696 TailLight ASSY RH - EC8  1017015713 LF COMBINATION LAMP ASSY 1017001057-01 LF COMBINATION LAMP ASSY.(LG-1) 1016003507 Cooling fans I (plastic) 1017021258 RIGHT HEAD LAMP 1018010549 Right outer rear view mirror assy (electric) 1017015739 Left rear combination lamp assy 1067001503 LF DOOR GLASS REGULATOR ASSY 1067001533 RR DOOR GLASS REGULATOR ASSY.(ELECTRIC) 1067001513 RF DOOR GLASS REGULATOR ASSY 1067001211 Left front combination lamp assy 101700103459 Left front combined light assy 1017021257 Left front headlamp assy 1017001073 LF COMBINATION LIGHT ASSY 1016001409 RADIATOR ASSY. (MT) (MK) 1017001072 RF COMBINATION LIGHT ASSY 1800622180 LR DOOR WINDOW REGULATOR ASSY. 1018005289 LF DOOR LOCK ASSY.(MK) 1018010143 RF WINDOW GLASS REGULATOR 1018010142 LF WINDOW GLASS REGULATOR 1018010473 RH REARVIEW MIRROR 1064001720 Left front brake cylinder assy 1067030110 REAR FOGLIGHT 1067001017 left outside mirror 1802531180 LEFT ELECTRIC REARVIEW MIRROR ASSY.(CONVEXITY MIRROR) 1067001219 Right rear fog lamp Assembly 1064001257 Right front shock absorber assy 8104010001 BLOWER MOTOR ASSY.(CK-1/GEELY SYSTEM) 1701551180 LR COMBINATION LAMP ASSY.(CK) 1018005290 RF DOOR LOCK ASSY.(MK) 140501118001 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER & VACUUM BOOSTER ASSY.(1.6L/ABS) 1402117180 LEFT STEERING KUNCKLE(ABS) 1067001221 Right front fog lamp assembly (with daytime lights) 1067001220 Left front fog lamp assembly (with daytime lights) 1017001558-01 Stop signal lantern Geely MK2 1136000180 STARTER (4G18) 1800626180 RR DOOR WINDOW REGULATOR ASSY. 1067001218 Left rear fog lamp Assembly 1017009827 Right rear fog lamp Assy 1017001040 Left rear combined light assy 1014013224 BACK SHOCK ABSORBER RIGHT 1017001550 Right rear combined light assy (LG-3) 1017015711 SEMIOPTICA DELANTERA LH 1018007250 RIGHT OUTSIDE REARVIEW MIRROR ASSY.(POWER)(LC-1) 1018004815-01 left rearview mirror assembly (improve) 1067001018 right outside mirror 1018010472 LH REARVIEW MIRROR 1402118180 RIGHT STEERING KUNCKLE(ABS) 1066002261 COOLING FAN EC7 101201204759 LF DOOR GLASS REGULATOR 1017009826 Left rear fog lamp Assy 1064001524 LF DRIVING SHAFT 1401098180 LF DRIVE SHAFT ASSY.(1.5L、1.6L) 101201204959 RF DOOR GLASS REGULATOR 1018004816 RIGHT REARVIEW MIRROR ASSY.(AUTOMATIC)(MK) 1017001058-01 RF COMBINATION LAMP ASSY.(LG-1) 1800269180 LF ELECTRIC WINDOW REGULATOR ASSY. E020210106 CRANKSHAFT COMPONENTS (MR479QA、MR481QA) 1067001031 SINGLE CD PLAYER 1017002184 WATER RESERVIOR & WASHER MOTOR (MK) 1064001781 #N/A 1097092217 COMBINATION METER 1017004293 CENTER FUSE BOX ASSY 1017001251 LF FOG LAMP ASSY. (CK 08 VERSION) 1017000187 POINTER COMBINATION METER (LG-3) E090100005 Alternator 1017001267 FOG LIGHT,LH 1018006962 CONSOLE ASSY 1016002627 air filter core 1068050205 RADIATOR GRILL ASSY (EC7,EC7-RV) 1064001268 Rear shock absorber 1136000062 PISTON (4G18)A 1014013313 RR BUSHING 1014013312 LR BUSHING 1067001366 ANTI-THEFT CONTROLLER ASSY 1017000966 POWER REARVIEW MIRROR SWITCH & PANEL ASSY.(LC-1) 3501190005 BRAKE FRICTION PLATE SET (4 CYLINDERS ) 1017001037 Front fog lamp assy 106801005100425 INNER UNLOCKING HANDLE LF DOOR 1018008855 RR DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR ASSY.(MK) 1018008854 LR DOOR LOCK ACTUATOR ASSY.(MK) 101700065051 RIGHT COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY 1067001274 AC SWITCH ASSSY PANEL 1018005039 LF DOOR OUTER HANDLE BRACKET ASSY. E020120501 "Connecting rod bearing shell (1# SET)(479Q)" E020120501-01 Connecting rod bearing shell E020120501-03 Connecting rod bearing shell 1018005041-01 LR DOOR OUTER HANDLE ASSY 1018010546 RR DOOR EXTERIOR UNLOCKING HANDLE ASSY 101802455459 INNER UNLOCKING HANDLE,RIGHT DOOR(NL-1C, 101802455359 INNER UNLOCKING HANDLE,LEFT DOOR(NL-1C,N 1067002335 Left front door electric window switch assy 1017014915 LEFT COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY 1067001072 CONTROL PANEL BOTTOM 1017015152 REGULATOR RH 1064001664 Rear axle bushing assy 1067002503 REVERSE RADAR CONTROL BRACKET ASSY 1018010545 LR DOOR EXTERIOR UNLOCKING HANDLE ASSY 1018010544 RF DOOR EXTERIOR UNLOCKING HANDLE ASSY 1068002152 Right rear door outside handle assy 1017001252 RF FOG LAMP ASSY. (CK 08 VERSION) 1017019591 REGULATOR LH 1064001262 Upper Supporter Of Shock Absorber 1016008195 JL4G20 ECU 3103203001 DUAL BALL BEARING 1014003354 OUTER RZEPPA CONSTANT VELOCITY UNIVERSAL JOINT (MK) (WAFAGNDIAN) 1067004044 CENTER FUSE BOX ASSY 1067001104 MULTI-FUNCTION COMBINATION METER ASSY 106700007800601 LEFT COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY (BLACK) 1018016694 LENS,OUTER REARVIEW MIRROR,LH 1068002113 Left rear door outside handle assy 1136000149 DRIVE BELT & TENSIONER SUBASSEMBLY(4G18) 1018010542 LF DOOR EXTERIOR UNLOCKING HANDLE ASSY 1067002221 BULB H1 12V 55W E030000401 Drive belt (generator belt) 1018007248 LEFT OUTSIDE REARVIEW MIRROR ASSY.(POWER)(LC-1) 1067002023 REAR WIPER MOTOR 1067002586 COMBINATION METER ASSY 1017001041 Right rear combination lamp assy 1067000176 CENTRAL CONTROL & LIGHT CONTROL UNIT & BRACKET ASSY. (AZ)(FC-1) 1800182180 A/C TENSIONER ASSY. 1017015168 BASS HORN 1014013311 FRONT BUSHING 101700256400655 RF WINDOW REGULATOR CONTROL SWITCH & PANEL ASSY.(BLACK)(LG-3) 1067000078 LEFT COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY. (FC-1) 1061001068 STEERING TIE ROD LEFT JOINT(FC-1) 1018018332 Left exterior mirror lens assy 1014003351 REAR BRAKE SHOE COMPONENT (MK) 1064000180 MR7180 AIR FILTER ELEMENT(FC-1) 1016003300 SPARK PLUG 1402121180 FRT WHEEL HUB 1067001109 GLASS REGULATOR 1017000657 Combination light switch (EC8) 1068002029 Left door inside handle assy 1401106180 INNER RZEPPA CVJ REPAIR KIT(1.5L) 1400622180 REAR SUSPENSION SUPPORT SEAT SET 1802532180 RIGHT ELECTRIC REARVIEW MIRROR ASSY.(CONVEXITY MIRROR) 1014001810-01 RIGHT BRAKE CALIPER ASSY 1016004387 OIL STRAINER 1096010685 HEPS PUMP DRIVER PULLEY 1016004324 JL4G24 ECU(DELPHI,DSI)(GX7) 1014003360 INNER RZEPPA REPAIR KIT (MK) (WAFANGDIAN) 1018016695 LENS, OUTER REARVIEW MIRROR RH 1014003361 OUTER RZEPPA REPAIR KIT (MK) (WAFANGDIAN) 1016052220 Exhaust Valves 1136000092 EXHAUST VALVE (4G18) 2150030006 SPEED SENSOR (EURO Ⅲ)479Q 1136000057 INTAKE VALVE OIL SEAL ASSY. (4G18) 1068002003 ENGINE HOOD CABLE ASSY. 1086001127 479 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET(EURO Ⅳ)(CK-1/LG-1) 1136000054 CYLINDER HEAD COVER SEAL (4G18) E010000501 INTAKE VALVE 1136000091 INTAKE VALVE (4G18) 1086001194-522 VALVE TAPPET 1066001346 RETURN HOSE E010400601 Pillow engine right E010410005 CYLINDER COVER OIL SEAL ASSY E030000501 TENSION SPRING (479Q) 1017015875 COMBINATION METER ASSY (DSI,NL-1D) 1800693180 RR DOOR LOCK ASSY. 1701222180 RF FOG LAMP ASSY. E010400301 OIL BAFFLE PLATE A 1136000116 OIL PUMP GASKET (4G18) E010001701 Gasket fixing the rear crankshaft oil seal 1136000145 ENGINE WATER INLET PIPE CONNECTOR COMPONENT (4G18) 1136000056 OIL FILLER HOLE COVER COMPONENT (4G18) 1017009293 LF WHEEL SPEED SENSOR 1068002424 ENGINE HOOD UNLOCK SET 1106013162 CLIP,INJECTOR 1136000077 EXHAUST CAMSHAFT TIMING SPROCKET (4G18) 1066001348 WATER TEMPERATURE SENSOR 1086000532 NUT/ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD COVER 1086001167 INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR (EⅣ) 1136000016-01 CRANKSHAFT THRUST WASHER E010500703 Valve guide 2110110101 O RING (MR479,FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR) 1064001888 "POWER STEERING RESERVIOR 1014001819 RIGHT PARKING BRAKE CABLE ASSY.(MK) 1016001512 AIR CLEANER AIR INTAKE HOSE ASSY.(WITH AIR OUTLET HOSE) (MK) 1067000020 LF WHEEL SPEED SENSOR (FC-1) 1018002568 TEMPERATURE SENSOR 1017015153 RF GLASS REGULATOR 1066001168 FUEL SENSOR 1017019593 RF & RR GLASS REGULATOR SWITCH 1067001077 HEADLIGHT ADJUSTER SWITCH 1702534180 RF AND REAR DOOR ELECTRIC WINDOW REGULATOR SWITCH ASSY. 1063000103 SRS ECU(8-LOOP) SIX-AIRBAG 1067001076 TRUNK SWITCH 101700065252 LEFT COMBINATION SWITCH ASSY 1067001250 Electronic anti-theft coil assy (FE-1, FE-2) 1701442180 REAR READING ASSY.(BEIGE) 1061001239 TIMING MODULE(FC-1)(CHONGQING) 1086000750 CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR 1014003908 LR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR ASSY 1017009291 SENSOR 1068002009 ENGINE HOOD SUPPORT ROD CLIP E040110005 Crankshaft front oil seal assy 1086001128 CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR 1067001066 REAR FOGLIGHT SWITCH 1014001818 LEFT PARKING BRAKE CABLE ASSY.(MK)

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