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  • Turbocharger BV43 53039700168 53039880168 1118100-ED01A for Great Wall Hover H5 2.0T 4D20

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    Turbocharger BV43 53039700168 53039880168 1118100-ED01A for Great Wall Hover H5 2.0T 4D20,5303-970-0168



    Turbocharger BV43 53039700168 53039880168 1118100-ED01A for Great Wall Hover H5 2.0T 4D20
    Product Name:
    BV43 53039700168 5303-970-0168 1118100-ED01A Turbo Turbocharger For Great Wall Hover H5 2.0T 4D20 2.0L With Electric Control Actuator Valve
    Product Attribute:
    Engine Model:H5 4D20 2.0T
    Turbo Model:BV43/K03-0168
    Engine Power:102 HPkw
    Turbine Material :K18
    Displacement:3.9L, 3860 ccm, 4 Cylindersml
    ETS Component:other
    ETS Type:other
    Warranty:12 month

    BV43 turbo 53039880168 for Great Wall Hover H5 4D20 2.0T
    Product Description:
    BV43 turbo 53039880168 for Great Wall Hover H5 4D20 2.0
    Part Number 1118100-ED01A
    Previous Version 53039700168
    OE number 53039880168,5303-970-0168
    CHRA BV43-0168
    Turbo Model BV43/K03-0168
    Engine: H5 4D20 2.0T
    Displacement 3.9L, 3860 ccm, 4 Cylinders
    KW 102 HP
    Fuel Diesel
    53039700168 GREATWALL Borg Warner 3002981 BRILLIANCE 3018010 BRILLIANCE 3435008 BRILLIANCE 3437003 BRILLIANCE 4537009 BRILLIANCE 4537010 BRILLIANCE 810002012 BRILLIANCE 3004370 BRILLIANCE 3000949 BRILLIANCE 3001162 BRILLIANCE 3001164 BRILLIANCE 3001417 BRILLIANCE 3014744 BRILLIANCE 3016381 BRILLIANCE 3050872 BRILLIANCE 3050893 BRILLIANCE 3083836 BRILLIANCE 3088740 BRILLIANCE 3088741 BRILLIANCE 3089940 BRILLIANCE 3089941 BRILLIANCE 3481866 BRILLIANCE 4086012 BRILLIANCE 4093156 BRILLIANCE 4533010 BRILLIANCE 4533012 BRILLIANCE 4563010 BRILLIANCE 4563062 BRILLIANCE 810002104 BRILLIANCE DAMD194294 BRILLIANCE DAMD316191 BRILLIANCE DAMR497557 BRILLIANCE JW5F18C1601334 BRILLIANCE SDSM12 BRILLIANCE SDSM14 BRILLIANCE SHJ821802001 BRILLIANCE SHZ2200001 BRILLIANCE 4536009 BRILLIANCE 3002695 BRILLIANCE 3002696 BRILLIANCE 4526001 BRILLIANCE 476Q1D1207804 BRILLIANCE 3091761 BRILLIANCE SHZ3501083 BRILLIANCE SHZ3501082 BRILLIANCE 6305X3BC BRILLIANCE 3496003 BRILLIANCE 471Q101295001 BRILLIANCE 3483012 BRILLIANCE MD183525 Brilliance 1023783900 BYD 1034786800 BYD 1023814900 BYD 1013763400 BYD BYDF3-3401020 BYD 17031100F3007 BYD 17031500F3005 BYD 1013561900 BYD BYDF33501160 BYD 18031300F300 BYD 17031100F3001 BYD 1012791000 BYD 1012791100 BYD 17031400F3003 BYD F32904120 BYD 1014299700 BYD 17013200F3001 BYD 10237844-00 BYD 1024765800 BYD 1024765900 BYD BYDF33401040 BYD 17030100F3001 BYD 1014399700 BYD BYDF31109132 BYD 1023778400 BYD 471Q1012950 BYD 17011400F3003 BYD 17031700F3001 BYD BYDF33505200 BYD 1025989000 BYD 1022858500 BYD S1011262600 Changan S1010350200 Changan S1010620301 Changan S1010630401 Changan S1010630400 Changan S1010680100 Changan S1010682400 Changan S1010370200 Changan S1011001300 Changan S1010370100 Changan S1010470200 Changan S1010631700 Changan S1011000101 Changan H160890100 Changan H150070300 Changan S1010492100 Changan H150101000 Changan S1011261000 Changan H15020118 Changan H150131000 Changan S1011240700 Changan S1010550200 Changan H160100900 Changan H160051200 Changan A212906013 Chery A132906013 Chery S212909079 Chery A112906013 Chery A113701110BC Chery A113501075 Chery S213003050 Chery A213401330BB Chery A113407020 Chery A112901030 Chery 015141165AA Chery A112203010AE Chery T112203010BD Chery T112203020BD Chery A112203020AE Chery 480EF1008130 Chery 480EF1008021 Chery 481F1008028 Chery SMD333080 Chery 4801003060BB Chery 481H1003042 Chery A113701315DA Chery A212909070 Chery A113708110AD Chery S212906030 Chery A132906020 Chery A112906021 Chery T113501050BA Chery A116GN3501060AB Chery T113501060BA Chery A113508090 Chery T113508090 Chery A111602040AB Chery A113003010BA Chery A113003020BA Chery A111109111AB Chery A212909060 Chery T113407010BB Chery A213407010 Chery T113407010 Chery M112909070 Chery A113506010 Chery A152804500BADQ Chery A152803500BADQ Chery T112919033BA Chery T212906013 Chery T112919033 Chery S211601020BA Chery A133501075 Chery S213501075 Chery A158202110AB Chery A158202120AB Chery SMW250131 Chery 4801007020 Chery A111001110DA Chery T113774110 Chery T113774130 Chery QR5231701402 Chery S18D2203020 Chery S113707020CA50CA Chery 480ED1008048 Chery 477F1003080 Chery 473H1003080 Chery 477F1003041 Chery 4801011061 Chery 481H1011035 Chery A111200011 Chery A181205313 Chery A111205313FA Chery A11XLB3AH2203040E Chery A158105010 Chery T118105110 Chery T111301110BA Chery A158401505BA Chery A156105170DQ Chery A156105180DQ Chery S212909010 Chery S212909020 Chery A112909050 Chery 4801005030BA Chery 4801011020 Chery 015301189AA Chery T113301210 Chery A133001017 Chery T113502050 Chery T113502060 Chery A153732010BA Chery A153732020BA Chery T211109111 Chery A111117110CA Chery B141117110 Chery T113506150 Chery T113506160 Chery A13XLB3AH2203050B Chery A11XLB3AH2203030E Chery A211601020 Chery T111601030BA Chery A212909060 Chery S213301030 Chery M112919350 Chery 477FBJ1004030 Chery 4801005051BA Chery 480EJBJ1005012 Chery 481H1005015 Chery 481FC1004020 Chery 481H1004110 Chery 484J1004030 Chery T111205220CA Chery 481H1008111 Chery T112203040BC Chery T112203010CA Chery T112203010BC Chery A21-2901033 Chery A216105130 Chery T116105120 Chery T113772010AB Chery T113772020AB Chery T113732010 Chery T113732020 Chery A133772020 Chery A133772010 Chery A213772010AB Chery A213772020AB Chery T113732030 Chery T113732040 Chery T113772020AD Chery T113772010AD Chery A111121011 Chery A151602070 Chery S113502190 Chery A11XLB3AF2203030C Chery A13XLB3AF2203030B Chery 481H1004020 Chery T213501080 Chery 4801005011 Chery S18D3732010 Chery S18D3732020 Chery S18D5401920 Chery S18D2803501DQ Chery S18D2803565 Chery S123772020AB Chery S122803519 Chery S128401111 Chery S122803601DQ Chery S122804601DQ Chery S112803600DQ Chery S113773020 Chery M112803601DQ Chery M112803519 Chery M115100740 Chery M112803523 Chery M11XLB3AF2203030 Chery 473H1306056 Chery A218401111 Chery T111703090 Chery A211001310 Chery 3721003040 Chery 481HBJ1004121BA Chery 481H1004020BA Chery 484F1004020BA Chery 484J1004030CA Chery 481H1004020CA Chery 484F1004020CA Chery A113505010 Chery QR5231602503 Chery QR5231701202 Chery T111203281 Chery 481H1007030 Chery A113614011 Chery E4G161012040 Chery A111129011 Chery E4G161003080 Chery T112402020 Chery QR5231701709 Chery QR5231602520 Chery T112402040BA Chery T112402050BA Chery A213400010BB Chery M113401017 Chery A111005120 Chery QR523T1802211 Chery 481H1007040 Chery T118107031 Chery M112906013BA Chery T213501075 Chery A212803611DQ Chery 3721003036 Chery A112911033 Chery A132902011 Chery S18D3501080 Chery A133502110 Chery M111109111 Chery M118107915 Chery A133772010BA Chery A133772020BA Chery S18D3401010BB Chery 519MHA1602502 Chery T111703090BB Chery T116305030AB Chery 481FC1003054 Chery T112911031 Chery 481H1014013BB Chery S111601030EA Chery QR519MHA1702301 Chery 515MHA1702510 Chery 477F1014041 Chery 477F1008018BA Chery S11BJ1121011 Chery S113704010 Chery B142803111DQ Chery A211609010 Chery T113773010CA Chery T113407010BV Chery T111106630GA Chery T113301311 Chery T118402030FLDY Chery T118402040FLDY Chery T116205120PF Chery FQ140F1284TF61EG Chery A131303417FA Chery J151201210 Chery 015409374AA Chery A111GD3708130 Chery A111101151 Chery A111106615DA Chery A111109213HA Chery A116105030 Chery A211200032 Chery A216105270 Chery S129CN6105PBA Chery A111205210DA Chery 484FC1004001 Chery 015409285AA Chery A116205120 Chery QR519MHC1701450 Chery J432906013 Chery T116302521BA Chery MD359568 Chery T111109110 Chery T118CB6105P3 Chery A132803501DQ Chery S213301040 Chery 473F1003054 Chery T116302530PFDQ Chery T118202010BEDQ Chery T118202020BEDQ Chery QR523T1802231 Chery B142912011 Chery A218107031 Chery T113301313 Chery A131104210FA Chery S121001710 Chery SMW250291 Chery T112803011PQDQ Chery T113772020CA Chery T113772010CA Chery T118202010PQDQ Chery T113732040CA Chery T113732030CA Chery T112203020BV Chery A213401014 Chery A138202011BA Chery M113726020 Chery M115207171 Chery S123550112 Chery S185205111 Chery S111703090 Chery S211106610 Chery T115205011 Chery QR519MHA1701140 Chery T21XLB3AF2203050 Chery S186104130 Chery 477F1009021 Chery QR523T1802121 Chery T111001710NA Chery A133704015 Chery A213502050 Chery A213502060 Chery A113406100 Chery T112919031AB Chery S18D2804501DQ Chery A13XLB3AF2203050B Chery T112804111DQ Chery 4801005012 Chery B112803510 Chery M113501080 Chery A218403750DY Chery T118403702DY Chery A111311120 Chery A155300800BB Chery T113102125 Chery T112804130 Chery 480E1014090 Chery A158401501BADQ Chery T111205210BA Chery A211205210KA Chery A211205210 Chery A211205210BA Chery S211205210 Chery S211201210 Chery 4801004110 Chery 3721004110 Chery 473H1011030 Chery A213772010AC Chery A213772020AC Chery T113772020 Chery B14-3729010 Chery A151308010 Chery T113408010BB Chery T113404050 Chery T111303201BA Chery T115611053 Chery T111108210 Chery A113100111 Chery 481H1007018 Chery A111311111BA Chery A211303501 Chery A218107130 Chery T113102513 Chery 4721008033 Chery T115207125 Chery 480EF1004030 Chery E4G163611091 Chery T111001310BA Chery T112919035BA Chery T112906010 Chery SMD356178 Chery A115605010BA Chery M111311110 Chery T113102131 Chery T113102132 Chery 4801004121CA Chery A112909057 Chery A21BJ2909070 Chery M112919130 Chery S113100115 Chery T113100111 Chery B112203205 Chery Q320B12 Chery M113501075 Chery S216GN3501080 Chery 480EF1004030CA Chery A113704015 Chery A218107110 Chery A215207023 Chery A211106610 Chery M111001720 Chery A211001110 Chery A211109817 Chery T111303211 Chery A211303301 Chery A212901040 Chery 4801005015 Chery A212203010CA Chery 4801306053 Chery M111200011 Chery S212901033 Chery T11XLB3AH2203040C Chery T118107130 Chery S113701315 Chery S128104051BA Chery E4G161025060 Chery A118111220 Chery A115205013 Chery 015311113AA Chery 4801006020 Chery A213301210 Chery S213301210BA Chery S211602040 Chery S211602040BA Chery A213505010 Chery B132909060 Chery A21XLB3AF2203050 Chery T112804312PFDQ Chery A132803536 Chery A112909010 Chery A113707110BA Chery S213003010 Chery A219EC8121010 Chery T11BJ3921501BC Chery A111700010 Chery S18D2915010 Chery A157903010 Chery A132804500DQ Chery A212804601DQ Chery T113746130 Chery 480EEBJ1006015 Chery T113550060AB Chery T115205025 Chery S186105100 Chery T116205040 Chery 473H1014110 Chery T118CB6105330SP Chery T116302520BA Chery M113502210 Chery E4G16BJ1004030 Chery 473F1012023 Chery M113726011 Chery M113726013 Chery B142803711 Chery T212803611 Chery T115207111 Chery A111703010 Chery T113502010 Chery 3721003023 Chery A132803534 Chery A135605111 Chery T111303301BA Chery M112906013 Chery 473H1008025 Chery A132803535 Chery A118111200CA01 Chery A156205180DQ Chery 473H1005030 Chery S213501050 Chery 3721306020 Chery A111108210GA Chery S111602040BA Chery 481H1002041 Chery T115611055 Chery T118202107 Chery A113921113 Chery A131201210FA Chery 3721003010 Chery S213407030 Chery 481H1002042 Chery T111109110BA Chery T113401014 Chery A212803651 Chery A211303821 Chery A112915010BA Chery A132915010 Chery S122915010 Chery S212915010 Chery T112915010 Chery T212915001 Chery A112905010BA Chery A132905010 Chery A134BB2905010 Chery T112804311DQ Chery T112804312DQ Chery A113723025 Chery T112916013 Chery T212916013 Chery S113701110FA Chery S113701110BB Chery S113701110BA Chery SMW250309 Chery SMD377561 Chery T111201110 Chery T111201110BA Chery 481F1003010BA Chery 481FB1003015MA Chery 481FB1003010 Chery A113550111 Chery B211205110 Chery P111205110 Chery SMW250308 Chery S187900303AACE Chery T117900303BBCE Chery SMW299934 Chery A113611021 Chery A213611021 Chery S213611021 Chery B113802020CA Chery 480EE1008060 Chery SMW250118 Chery A113808030 Chery A111601030AD Chery S211601030BA Chery A131601020 Chery A111601020AD Chery A213501075 Chery T113501075BA Chery S128202020BADQ Chery S128202020EUDQ Chery SMD303177 Chery 477F1014040AB Chery T113501080BA Chery A216GN3501080BA Chery B116GN3501080 Chery T113501080 Chery A113502170 Chery A153502170 Chery S213502080 Chery S216GN3502080 Chery A213502080BA Chery T213502080 Chery T113502080 Chery M113502090 Chery S18D3502090 Chery T11-3502080BA Chery A116GN3501080 Chery A156GN3501080 Chery J526AD3501080 Chery A113501080 Chery A21BJ3501080 Chery A113501080AB Chery B116BH3501080 Chery A133501080 Chery M113AH3501080 Chery J423501080 Chery A113003050 Chery A113003050BB Chery A113003060 Chery A113003060BB Chery SMD364870 Chery SMD364740 Chery A21XLB6GN3501067B Chery A116GN3501057 Chery M113407010 Chery S113407020 Chery A213407010HA Chery S213407010 Chery S123407010 Chery S113407010BA Chery 4801011030 Chery 477F1011030 Chery T111106610AB Chery T111106010BB Chery T111001110 Chery T111001110BA Chery A212901110 Chery A21BJ2901110 Chery T112901110 Chery T212901110 Chery A111303110 Chery 481H1009010CA Chery 481H1009010BA Chery SMD334300 Chery 519MHA1602501 Chery S113301030 Chery A113301030 Chery S213001015 Chery T113003015 Chery T113001030 Chery A133001030 Chery SMD181032 Chery S211205311 Chery S111205311BA Chery T111205311 Chery 4801003060BA Chery 4801003060 Chery 4801009021BA Chery 4801009021 Chery A11XLB3AH2203111E Chery T11XLB3AH2203111 Chery 484J1013010 Chery 484FC1013010 Chery A113400010BB Chery A153400010BM Chery T113401010BB Chery T113711315 Chery T113701315 Chery SMD182537 Chery A116105120AL Chery A156105120 Chery A116105450AL Chery A156105450 Chery T112919010 Chery T212919010 Chery T113301010 Chery T213301010 Chery T112909010 Chery T212909010 Chery T112909070 Chery T212909070 Chery SMD359158 Chery 481H1011020 Chery 481H1011020BA Chery 473H1011020BA Chery SMD372536 Chery SMD133317 Chery A113301030BC Chery A113301030BB Chery T113301210AB Chery T113001017 Chery A133501050 Chery A213501050 Chery A133501060 Chery A213501060 Chery SMD315301 Chery 481H1306020 Chery S121201110CA Chery T113401300BB Chery M113772020BA Chery M113772020 Chery M113732020 Chery T213732020 Chery B111012010 Chery SMD360935 Chery 3721012010 Chery 473H1012010 Chery SMW299932 Chery A112909060 Chery A132906060 Chery T112909060 Chery SMD193027 Chery A21XLB3AF2203050C Chery T11XLB3AH2203050B Chery M11XLB3AF2203050V Chery M11XLB3AF2203050C Chery S12XLB3AH2203030A Chery S21XLB3AH2203030A Chery T11XLB3AH2203030F Chery T11XLB3AH2203030C Chery 477F3708110 Chery A153708110CA Chery 525MHE1700010BA Chery M113404010EA Chery QR5231700010BA Chery 525MHE1700010FA Chery 525MHE1700010DA Chery 519MHE1700010 Chery E4G161008110DA Chery B143401010BA Chery A111700010 Chery T213401010BB Chery S18D3301010 Chery T113402310PF Chery T215820010DA Chery J693401010BB Chery T213401010EP Chery J694421010 Chery J694421020 Chery J423401010EP Chery T214421010BC Chery T112203020BV Chery M113774010JH Chery T212803601BDDQ Chery T214433010BA Chery T214433020BA Chery T218401010BD Chery T112803011PQDQ Chery A133407020FT Chery 62010129Z Dongfeng 62020139Z Dongfeng 6442701EK Dongfeng 4546000 Dongfeng 6584201AA Dongfeng 6103102EH Dongfeng 6581201AA Dongfeng 4426001 Dongfeng 4224200 Dongfeng 4224100 Dongfeng 2402001 Dongfeng 4424003 Dongfeng 4904000 Dongfeng 8262000 Dongfeng 6104302AA Dongfeng 6104402AA Dongfeng 6101703AA Dongfeng 2562000 Dongfeng 4583000 Dongfeng 7503000 Dongfeng 8226000 Dongfeng 7482003 Dongfeng 7528000AF Dongfeng 4901800 Dongfeng 4142001 Dongfeng 4151200 Dongfeng 1166701 Dongfeng 4426000 Dongfeng 4163100 Dongfeng 4151700 Dongfeng 4165300 Dongfeng 4701000 Dongfeng 62010129Z Dongfeng 62020139Z Dongfeng C3975927 Dongfeng 2201010T2201 Dongfeng 43522TVA00 FAW 52119TKA00 FAW 52159TKA20 FAW 53112TKA10 FAW 81210TKA00 FAW 81520TKA00 FAW 81510TKA00 FAW FA0151030P1 FAW FC025189X FAW FA0250031E1 FAW FA0150221E1 FAW FA013325X FAW 31250TKA20 FAW L036141026MH FAW FA0156620 FAW 5BA16912Z FAW 87940TKA20 FAW GJYA2648ZH FAW G2YD3328ZH FAW FA0150750 FAW FA0161B10 FAW 02T141153Q FAW 5BA050710 FAW FA0134380 FAW C23061480 FAW C23061A10 FAW FA0115200P1 FAW FA0250C21 FAW FA0250C11 FAW L06A109119JH FAW FA0115909 FAW C23034250 FAW C23034200 FAW FC0134J00 FAW C23028170B FAW C23034170A FAW BL050121113H FAW FA0132240 FAW FA0132280 FAW FA0250710 FAW 3808600J55A00 FAW FA0118861P1 FAW 3730031D00 FAW 12232201001 FAW 435120DA20 FAW FC0133047 FAW 1121302080 FAW 4420052A30 FAW 9008091207 FAW 9091603109 FAW 16304T2A00 FAW 5DA013Z40 FAW 15600T2A00 FAW 101201028K FAW FC01V1P11 FAW GJ6B61P11H FAW FA042550X Faw 13401T2A10 Faw 45500TKA00 Faw 1106913100026 Foton T4181A026 Foton T3681A021A Foton 1106930000003 Foton T31132011 Foton T3135X062 Foton 1104916200039 Foton E049301000035 Foton T66001008A Foton 1B18037100033 Foton 1106911800005 Foton 3003100HF323MD Foton 3003200HF323MD Foton 1106917200013 Foton 1B18037150014 Foton T33817117 Foton T3142A051 Foton 1B18081100217 Foton 1103922000006 Foton 1104934200160 Foton 1104929500005 Foton 1104629200003 Foton 1102229200007 Foton E049362000068 Foton 1B180525000161 Foton 1B18081200253 Foton E049341000006 Foton 1B20053100044 Foton 1B18050200211 Foton 1B18050200212 Foton 1B18061500034 Foton 1B18061500039 Foton 1B18052500013 Foton 2400009HF17030 Foton T3314A122 Foton T63701001 Foton 1104917200002 Foton 1106917200012 Foton 1086001129 Geely 1064001281 Geely 113600017601 Geely 3PK610 Geely 1800183180 Geely E080000010 Geely 1064001723

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