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    Fleetguard air filter,Fleetguard Fuel/Water Separator - FS53014,FFG-FS53014 FILTER-Fuel(Brand Specific-Fleetguard FS53014)



    Fleetguard air filter,Fleetguard Fuel/Water Separator – FS53014,FFG-FS53014 FILTER-Fuel(Brand Specific-Fleetguard FS53014)
    Fuel/Water Separator
    Overall Height 411.47 mm (16.2 inch)
    Largest OD 148.11 mm (5.831 inch)
    Seam OD 41.38 mm (1.629 inch)
    Largest End ID 39.24 mm (1.545 inch)
    Gasket Inside Diameter 37.82 mm (1.489 inch)
    Flow Direction Outside In
    Primary Applications DAVCO 69001 All Applications
    Product Comments Fuel Water Separator featuring NanoNet used on FH239 Series Industrial Pro
    Part No: FFG-FS53014
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Brand Specific-Fleetguard FS53014)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Fleetguard
    Details: Fuel Filter. For Housing use FH23901. Main Cross Reference is Davco 69001. Flow Direction: Outside In. Fleetguard Part Type: FS. Comments: Fuel Water Separator featuring NanoNet used on FH239 Series Industrial Pro
    Remarks: Brand Specific Fleetguard product.
    Height: 411mm
    OD/Width Max: 148mm
    OD/Width Min: 148mm
    ID/Depth Max: 39mm
    EQUIVALENTS:Fleetguard FS53014, FS5301400MX, Inline Filters FB14617, FFGFS53014, FFG-FS53014,SF Schupp SK48634
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    3940734 3940735 3955393 3943449 3943450 4076493 5262311 3904166 5258754 3932520 3959079 3943447 4929641 4943051 4995750 2830444 4990276 4946239 4940025 3947759 4948508 4948509 4948504 4948505 4948506 2835663 3972375 4947269 5263374 4988621 4938751 4989163 4921322 4921684 4921685 4954905 5262313 3802820 3968563 4990783 4937470 4947582 3063809 4066750 CU213272 3081824 3063810 2896835 2896831 3635339 2896823 3502449 3521442 3641305 4306515NX 4098953 LF0009050 3016306 FS0053014MX 3649993 3032633,F01R00F002 Crankshaft Sensor (Bosch F01R00F002) P1381030001A0 FEQ48662000005A7509 WA5381 air filter 1612517200322 3966244 Bearing shell, connecting rand C3968559 Thermostat 3966721 Piston skirt 3979744 connecting rod 4941395 Piston stop C3921919 oil cup C3948412 compression ring C3964073 compressing ring C3950549 Piston pin C4936660 pressure plate, fuel injector C3950661 brearing shell, connecting rod C4942002 Engine C3415537 Starter C2834174 turbo chager 15 31 31 198 1125 High mounted intake pipe bracket C3682674 intake transition pipe C3682177 O sealing ring C3067979 V- clamp C3968371 Intake pipe C3968362 Exhaust manifold 612600080311 injector 612600080566 Fuel injecting pomp 612600081334 Spin on oil filter Element assably JX0818A oil filtre 61 26 00 130 206 Air compressor 61 8000 101 25 Cylinder liner 90003901604 cylindrical pin 90 00 390 96 26 Spring cylindrical pin 61 260 00 12 188 cylinder block assambly 615 000 400 49 cylinder head gasket 614 0500 17 Lower seat for air intake valve 612 6000 500 73 Intake valve 615 600 500 41 Exhausting valve 614 05 0048 Rocker arm, intake valve 612 6000 500 49 Rocker arm, intake valve C3907177 Rectangular ring C3909025 xexagon flange bolt C3944158 Bearing sell (UPR) crank shaft C3959291 cooling nozzle, piston 141 703 56 000 70 combined air drier assably 614 15 000 4 Gasket IS 42531000201 Engine assembly 612 60 00 20 620 crank shaft assembly 12 JS160T 1703052 Single H valve 1B24956100007 Seal, glass, window (RR) 1B24956100006 Window(RR) 1B24954100012 Door frame protection bar assembly 1B24954104134 Film, side Window (RH) 1B24952100001 Front Windshield glass 1B24952100012 Seal,Windshied (FR) 1B24961400101 Window regulator assembly LH 1B24961400102 Window regulator assembly RH 1B24961500031 Inner handle assembly LH 1B24961500032 Inner handle assembly RH 1B24961500041 Outside handle assembly LH 1B24961500042 Outside handle assembly RH 112 411 31 00 00 5 Pastic auxiliary water tank 143 211 618 000 2 Driver disc assembly 1B24961000402 Door installation assembly (FR, RH) 1B24961000401 Door installation assembly (FR, LH) K1531025005A0 K1531045001B0 K1531010100A0 FK1610100103A0A9912 FK1610100104A0A9912 FK1640102002B0A9912 FK1630102002A0A9912 F1124136700003A1220 F1B24937500005A0740 H0376010007A0 Combi instrument E049303000029 PISTON E049351000005 WATER PUMP ASSY 1425334010002 STEERING OIL PUMP ASSY 61000070005 OIL FILTER (BJ4253) 1531311981208/9 MAIN FILTER CARTRIDGE BJ4253, BJ4183SLFJA HFF3501116CK1GFT AIR BRAKE CHAMBER, LH BJ4183,BJ4253 H0364010005A0 FRONT COMBINATION LAMP ASSY (LH) BJ4183,BJ4253 1325836500001 LEFT COMBINATION REAR LAMP BJ4183,BJ1143,BJ4253 1325836500002 RIGHT COMBINATION REAR LAMP BJ4183,BJ1143,BJ4253 880410028 STEERING KNUCKLE ASSY, BJ4183SLFJA AK880410049 THRUST ROLLER BEARING AK880.41.0049 THRUST ROLLER BEARING (BJ3251) AK880410052 “O” SEAL RING (BJ4183) 1531322080009 PROPELLER REAR ASSY (BJ4253) H0364010007A0 RIGHT FRONT COMBINATION LAMP ASSY BJ4183,BJ4253 H0110210107A0 WATER SEPAR FILTER,BJ4253,BJ4183 P1373080035A0 FUSE BOX DRIVER SIDE 1700N-040S GEAR OPINION OIL SEAL P1377010005A0 HORN (BJ4253) P1377010004A0 HORN (BJ4253) 1325310000000 PLASTIC AUXILIARY WATER TANK ASSY BJ4183,4253 F1643811400008 FUEL FILTER FK1811010060A A/C FILTER FP1811010094A A/C FILTER P1110210003A0/SFS19925WUMF FUEL FILTER SFS19925WUMF FUEL FILTER PU201-3501027 RIGHT OUTSIDE BRAKE PIECE P1811010094A0 A/C FILTER L0110210107A0 0il and water separator assy K202818 Air filter cartridge 1039E2-3502330 Brake shoe assy-Front E049308000027 Clutch press plate assy E049308000028 Clutch driven disc assy JC528T2-1601220 Release bearing unit T74105021 Oil filter cartridge T75004250 Diesel filter assy, (Big) T75004270 0il and water separator assy A0026K2038 Air filter Cartridge 3502180G5QZ Shoe pad with friciton line assy-Rear T858020001 Clutch press plate assy T858030001 Clutch driven disc assy S104324-41-TF3502022 1105333501043 Brake shoe assy-Front 3502F-101 Shoe pad with friciton line assy-Rear T75801405 Clutch press plate assy T75801404 Clutch driven disc assy J75-1601030 Release bearing unlt T33813131A DUST WASHER BJ1143 T3681C001A T36862191 EXHAUST MANIFOLD JOINT T3688C017 EXHAUST MANIFOLD JOINT T73200001 HAND PUMP BJ1143 TDU5MB0010 BEARING ASSY.CR/SHAFT (BJ1143) JX0814C OIL FILTER,BJ1049V9JEA-KA T75004260 FUEL FILTER,BJ1143,see T64102003 element 310402120 REAR TYRE BOLT ASSY SQ341B14 NUT M14-RR WHEEL U1130030103A0 Radiator Assy. P1130430001A0 Radiator through auxiliary water tank U1812020001A0 Condenser assy P1130310001A0 Electric fan assy. U1812030004A0 Compressor P500000776 Clutch driven disc assy P500000775 Clutch press plate P1812020001A0 CONDENSER ASSY P1811010095A0 Blower motor P1161030002A0 Clutch Driven Disc Assy P1161020100A0 Clutch Pressure Plate & Cover Assy P1163020004A0 Clutch master cylinder 5347134 INJECTOR-FU P1822010002A seat belt assy P1130030004A0 ALUMINUM RADIATOR ASSY P1161020000A0 CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE AND COVER ASSY P1161030001A0 DRIVIN PLATE ASSY P1130030003A0 Aluminium radiator assembly SMW250188G GENERATOR/ALTERNATOR ASSY P1812030003A0 Compressor assembly P1130310101A0 ELECTRIC FAN P1161030003A0 Clutch Driven Disc Assy EQ49362000161 ALTERNATOR EQ49351000137 FAN BELT EQ49361000030 STARTER MOTOR P1812030007A0 COMPRESSOR ASSY P1812060302A0 EVAPORATOR COMPRESSOR PIPE P1812060026A0 COMPRESSOR CONDENSATOR PIPE P1812020009A0 Condenser Assy. P1130430004A0 Radiator through auxiliary water tank K1130030002A0 radiator assy K1812030001A0 compressor assy K1812020002A0 condenser assy EQ48662000030 Alternator Assy K1130030009A0 Radiator assembly K1130310005A0 Electric fan assy. K1812020001B0 Condenser Assy. K1811010056A0 Blower motor 1417031100004 WHEEL ASSY BJ4253 1417035600070-1 AIR DRYER FILTER,BJ1143VJPGN-1 1425316102001 CLUTCH PRESS PLATE ASSY BJ4183,BJ4253 1425316102002 CLUTCH DRIVEN DISC ASSY BJ4253 1541111501003 FUEL PRE FILTER ASSY 1B24937600101 FUEL SENSOR,BJ4183SLFJA (BIG OIL TANK) 1B24952500023 BLADE ASSY OF RIGHT WIPER ARM(BJ4183,BJ1143) 1B24953104012 STAY POLE AND BRACKET ASSY 1B24953104069 RIGHT DECORATIVE ANGLE PLATE BODY {BJ4253} H0373040024A0 BRAKE LAMP SWITCH HFF3104115CK1G COMBINED OIL SEAL,NAVE BJ4183,BJ4253 HFF3502128CK9GOM-3 BRAKE DRUM BJ4183 HFF3506020CK1GFT AIR BRAKE CHAMBER, RH BJ4183,BJ4253 QDT3502105 PLATE FRICTION LINING BJ1143 1116136680001 CHANGE OVER ELECTROMAG VALVE (BJ4253) 1418816200002 CLUTCH BOOSTER ASSY BJ4253 1424222080000 PROPELLER SHAFT ASSY (BJ3133) 1425135643004-1 AIR DRYER FILTER (BJ4253 & BJ1089) 1B24952500022 BLADE ASSY OF LEFT WIPER ARM 2882674 FILTER, LUB.OIL ,BJ4253,BJ4183 (LF9080) AK99000340068 BRAKE FRICTION LINING BJ4183,BJ4253 AK99000440017 BRAKE FRICTION LINING BJ4183,BJ4253 H0120130008A0 EXH. SILENCER ASSY(BJ4183) YD01-2201022 Crosspin (Universa1 Joint) YD01-2201031 MIDDLE SUPPORT K1640110002A0 Sliding door pulley roller mechanism K1640110004A0 Sliding door upper pulley roller mechanism K1630150003A0 Rear door mechanism T31162121B Gear ring T31134165 Bush T81558(T31126391/81/71/61) Main bearing 3802012-108F3B1 Odometer driven gear 1701361-Q3A Connector – odometer flexible shaft 1602130-108F2 Release bearing sleeve and bearing assy 1602130-108F8 Release bearing sleeve and bearing assy 1701350-108B1 Ⅴ speed gear and cone assy 1B16237601001 Combination Instrument Assy. MT78Q-1701011-4 Front housing 1408502810004 Pre_filter MW521A-1701356 Rear cover, output shaft L0130410013A0 Auxiliary water tank assy P1355020003A0-2 Brake master cylinder P1163030002A0 Clutch master cylinder P1220020011A0 Propeller Shaft P1171010002A0 Transmission 1B180373000050 IGNITION SWITCH ASSEMBLY (1B180373000050/1B24981209032) (OLLIN) 1B18052500013/14 WIPER ARM WITH BLADE (OLLIN) 1B18053100033/34 HEADLIGHT FENDER (OLLIN) 1B18084300037/38 FRONT MUDGUARD FENDER (OLLIN) 1B20037600027 SPEED-O-METER SENSOR (OLLIN) 1B20053100301/02 UPPER FENDER (OLLIN) 1B8081200254 A/C THERMOSTAT (OLLIN) 28680 REAR OUTER BEARING (OLLIN) 29587 REAR INNER HUB BEARING (OLLIN) 30306 BEARING (OLLIN) 3103012 OIL SEAL HUB (OLLIN) 32209 BEARING (OLLIN) 32210 BEARING (OLLIN) 68CT4852F2 CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING (OLLIN) AV13X1270 AIR CONDITIONER BELT (OLLIN) 1104930000052 DRAG LINK ASSY. (OLLIN) 1B18037150015 HEAD LIGHT RH (OLLIN)(1324136400002) 1531311981208 AIR FILTER (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) 10PK1023 ALTERNATOR BELT (TRACTOR HEAD) 1324981280367 AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR DRIVE BELT (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) 1425316012001 CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) 1425316102001A0066 1425316102002A CLUTCH DISC (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) 1425316102003 CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) WHX3-0865-15 AIR CONDITIONER COMPRESSOR (TRACTOR HEAD 4X2) 1B24953104068 FRONT SIDE FENDER (TRACTOR HEAD) 1B24984504071 STEEL STEP BOARD LH/RH (TRACTOR HEAD) 1B2498504126 MIDDLE STEP BOARD PEDAL RH (TRACTOR HEAD) 1B24989504125 UPPER STEP BOARD PEDAL RH (TRACTOR HEAD) 4070801 FUEL FILTER KL3251 AIR FILTER NV1AV13X1310C A/C COMPRESSOR BELT 3028521 ALTERNATOR BELT 3288576 WATER PUMP BELT 4972853 WATER PUMP ZL6.5Q1-3501101 FRONT BRAKE SHOE QRT485-3502120 REAR BRAKE SHOE ZL6.5Q1-3103003 FRONT WHEEL STUD ZL300S1-3104006B REAR WHEEL STUD 1425316100002 CLUTCH DISC 1425316100001 PRESSURE PLATE H0161060104A0 CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING 111490 FLYWHEEL BEARING 4022500 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET 3883221 TAPPET COVER GASKET 4070529 ROCKER COVER GASKET 3328698 FRONT CRANKSHAFT SEAL 4923644 REAR CRANKSHAFT SEAL 132531300005 EXPANSION TANK 4319271 RADIATOR FAN ASSY 1325313307002 LOWER WATER HOSE 4046026 TURBO CHARGER 4985441 STARTER 4973876 ALTERNATOR ZL6.5Q1-3103002A FRONT BRAKE DRUM QT300S64-3502007 REAR BRAKE DRUM 32314-1 FRONT INNER WHEEL BEARING 32310-1 FRONT OUTER WHEEL BEARING 33022 REAR INNER WHEEL BEARING 33220 REAR OUTER WHEEL BEARING ZL6.5Q1-3103004 FRONT WHEEL OIL SEAL ZL300S1-3104003 REAR WHEEL OIL SEAL QT75BQ26-3003120 RH. TIE ROD END QT7BBQ26-3003110 LH. TIE ROD END ZL6.5Q1-3001102A KING PIN ZL6.5Q1-3001203 KING PIN BUSHING ZL6.5Q1-3001202 PLUG- KING PIN Q43056 SPRING COLLAR 1425316200002 CLUTCH BOOSTER H0163030100A0 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDE3R H029217003A0 FRONT SPRING-EYE PIN H0292170004A0 FRONT SPRING-EYE PIN QT300S0-3551100 REAR BRAKE ADJUSTER LH. QT300S0-3551200 REAR BRAKE ADJUSTER RH. QT300S63-3530010 REAR AIR CHAMBER ASSY. LH. QT300S63-3530020 REAR AIR CHAMBER ASSY. RH. QT75BQ23-3519010 FRONT AIR CHAMBER ASSY LH. QT75BQ23-3519020 FRONT AIR CHAMBER ASSY RH. H0373040023A0 CLUTCH SWITCH H0376030502A0 FUEL SENSOR H0376070002A0 AIR PRESSURE SENSOR 4984223 CAM/CRANK POSITION SENSOR 4921493 TEMP/PRESSURE SENSOR 4921477 PRESSURE TEMP SENSOR 3085185 TEMPERATURE SENSOR ASSY. H0610100004A0 DOOR PANEL RH. H0610100003A0 DOOR PANEL LH. H0631011022A0 FRONT TURNING COVER PLATE ASSY. (GRILLE) H0543020014A0 FRONT FENDER RH. H0543020013A0 FRONT FENDER LH. H0831012021A0 FRONT BUMPER 1325136500011 REAR OUTSIDE LAMP H0821020011A0 FRONT LOWER VIEW MIRROR 1B24982105004 SIDE LOWER VIEW MIRROR 1B24982104202 DOOR MIRROR RH. ASSY. 1B24982107001 DOOR MIRROR LH. ASSY. ZL300S1-2510203 THRU SHAFT SEAL ZL300S1-2510202 ROLLER BEARING ZL6.5Q1-3001004F STEERING DRAG LINK ARM ZL7.5Q2-3003000A TIE ROD ASSY. 142422208000 PROP SHAFT (MIDDLE & REAR) 1418335500001 BRAKE VALVE ASSY (W/MUFFLER) H0101020007A0 FRONT ENGINE CUSHION (MOUNT) H0101020015A0 REAR ENGINE CUSHION (MOUNT) H0356A02000A0 RELAY VALVE ASSY (MIDDLE AXLE) 14183356B2801 DOUBLE RELAY VALVE (W/SILENCER) 1651636800014 T64301008 C/S DAMPER T4132F057 OIL PUMP T74405003 THERMOSTAT ASSY T65202004A SENSOR-OIL PRESSURE 3501R-101 BRAKE SHOE ASSY-FR 3501N-105 BRAKE FRICTION LINING-FR 3501N-106 RIVET 35002F-105 BRAKE FRICTION LINING-RR 3501D-106 RIVET 30D5-01021 Main pin of steering knuckle 30D5-01019 Upper sleeve 30D5-01035 Thrust bearing assy 1425335500005 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER ASSY NV1AV13X1170C AIR CONDITION BELT T721050003 REAR C/SHAFT OIL SEAL T64801014 TURBOCHARGER ASSY T750033001 LIFT PUMP ASSY T2848062A OILPTESSURE SWITCH 1B22082105001 MIRROR ASSY-O/S LH 1B22082105002 MIRROR ASSY-O/S RH 1113336404001 HEADLAMP ASSY-LH 1113336404002 HEADLAMP ASSY-RH 1B22053100110 BUMPER ASSY-FRONT T36810001A GASKET-VALVE COVER 30D5-01037 Oil seal assy-Fr Wheel 30D5-01039 bolt-oil seal assy-Fr 3501R-026 Brake bottom plate, Frt LH 3501R-126 Brake bottom plate, Frt RH 30D5-01080 Front nave oil seal assy-Fr 7611EK Front nave inner bearing assy-Fr 35RC4-01075 Front brake drum 3103052-H300 Bolts, front axle 3303C-059 Tie rod joint assy(left) 3303C-060 Tie rod joint assy(Right) 24N-01090 Half-axle oil seal assy,Rear 31FS01-04055 Left rear wheel nut 31FS23W-04051 Left and right wheel bolts,Rear 35F-02075 After the brake drum,Rear 1B22052547022 Blade assy of left wiper arm 1B22052547023 Blade assy of right wiper arm 1331311982010 Air Filter Assy. 3088984 SEAL GASKET-TURBO CHARGER 1S32531193701 TURBO CHARGER accessories 1B18037320023 COMBINATION SWITCH T75003301 LIFT PUMP ASSY TU5LT0181 JOINT-TOP KIT TU5LB0158 BOTTOM SERVICE KIT H02950200005A0 LEAF SPRING ASSY-RH RR H02950200004A0 LEAF SPRING ASSY-LH RR H0292100006A0 LEAF SPRING ASSY-RH FR H0292100005A0 LEAF SPRING ASSY-LH FR 1B24952500001 Windshield washer tank assy H0821020003A0 Front lower view mirror assy 3519N-010 Front left brake chamber assy 3519N-015 Front right brake chamber assy T752030028 SENSOR 1325313107010 radiator 4071224X Oil Filler Cap 1417031100011 Wheel assy ZL300S1-2400101A Support disc-inner ring gear ZL300S1-2400103 Cable hoop support disc and inner ring gear ZL300S1-2400102A Inner gear ring ZL300S1-2405003 Toothed adjusting washer ZL300S1-2400022 Steel wire circlip ZL300S1-2405002A Sun wheel ZL300S1-2400023 Circlip ZL300S1-2400009 Adjusting washer Q430105 Circlip ZL300S1-2405001A Planetary gear ZL300S1-2405005 Washer-needle bearing ZL300S1-2405004A Needle ZL300S1-2405006A Shaft,planetary wheel ZL300S1-2405007 Planetary gear washer ZL300S1-2400002 Hex lock nut-nave shaft pipe ZL300S1-2400003 Toothed ring-nave shaft pipe ZL300S1-2405103 Bolt ZL300S1-2400005 Nave end cap ZL300S1-2400007 Gasket end cap ZL300S1-2400006 Nut end cap QT300S52-2405031 Nave end cap QDT2405029-LB O’Ring QT300S50-3104001 Nave ZL300S1-3104005 Washer oil plug QT300S23-2400018 Left half shaft QT300S23-2400019 Right half shaft 3069728 Oil viscosity sensor 4061851 Injector 1541134001010 Hollow bolt 1541334002003 Oil intake hose 1124111100003 GAS TANK COVER 16929 Gasket of bottom power take-off window F500A-1802191 Skeleton oil seal assy 14311 Gasket, input shaft bearing cover GE25ES Bearing 20822 Clutch housing gasket 12JSDX240T-1701125 Gasket of reverse gear for output shaft 12JSDX240T-1701170 1st/2nd speed synchronizer assy 12JSDX240T-1701190 3rd,4th speed gearshift synchronizer assy 6DS100T-1701058 stoper ring, countershaft 12JSDX240T-1701057 Spacer 12JSDX240T-1701048-2 Left countershaft 12JSDX240T-1701049-2 Right countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701050 3rd speed gear,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701051 4th speed gear ,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701052 5th speed gear ,countershaft 12JSDX240TA-1701056 Transmission gear of countershaft 16980 Steel wire circlip for shaft 150212K Single row radial ball bearing with stopping slot and dust cover DS100-1701085 Cylindrical roller bearing F91444 Oil seal

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