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  • 5266016 LF17356 Cummins Engines Oil Filter

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    Fleetguard Lube Filter Part No:5266016,LF17356,Cummins Engines Oil Filter



    Fleetguard Lube Filter Part No:5266016,LF17356,Cummins Engines Oil Filter
    Cummins Filtration provides crankcase ventilation solution that reduces your equipment operating cost
    • Fleetguard fuel filters deliver best-in-class quality using StrataPore and NanoNet technology
    • Cummins Filtration provides lube filters that meet and exceed OEM performance requirements
    • Fleetguard hydraulic spin-on filters are designed for best filtration efficiency
    • Cummins Filtration offers complete line of Fleetguard transmission filters and fluid analysis tools
    1000-00524 Oil filter
    1017-00048 Oil Filter
    1012-00187 Oil Filter
    1012-00146 Oil Filter Element(China
    1012-00137 Primary Fuel Filter Element
    1101-03160 Primary fuel filter
    1101-05086 Primary Fuel Filter Element
    1101-04947 Primary Fuel Filter
    1105-00420 Fuel filter Assy
    1105-00344 Primary Fuel Filter
    1105-00147 Primary Filter Element,Fuel
    1105-00425 ”
    Primary Fuel Filter Element”
    1105-00245 Water Filter Element
    1025-00066 Diesel fine fuel filter Assy
    1117-00181 Fuel Filter
    1117-00182 Fuel Filter
    1117-00186 Fuel Filter
    1117-00154 Fine Fuel Filter
    1117-00079 Filter element fuel fine
    1117-00138 Filter Element,Fuel,Fine(China)
    1711-00049 Transmission Filter Element-Fine
    1711-00024 Filter Element-Oil Pan
    3529-00033 Drier Filter Element
    3529-00019 Air drier
    3408-00497 Steering Oil Tank Filter Element
    1109-01400 Air filter
    1109-05202 Air Filter Element
    1109-03070 Air Filter Element
    1109-01278 Air Filter Element
    1109-03726 Air Filter Element
    A1109- 14100010 “Security filterAF26597(with
    A1109- 14100011 Main filterAF26598(with A1109-14100001)
    612600081294 Fuel Filter Element
    612630080087 Fuel Fine Filter Element
    61000070005 Oil filter
    612630080088 Fuel Coarse Filter Element
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