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China Ching Ming Festival holiday notice from CINA AUTO PARTS


China Ching Ming Festival holiday notice for CINA AUTO PARTS

China Ching ming festival holiday is coming,we will have holiday from 2 of April to 4 of April,2017,during our holiday may be we could not reply your inquire in time,please to understand,thanks for your attention.

Ching ming festival,some one also say Tomb-sweeping day,is the custom of the rich interesting,in addition to stress fire ban,grave-sweepers,and Ta-Qing,swinging,Cuju,playing polo,Liu insterted a series of custom sports.Legend this is because the Ching Ming Festival to Cool Food Ban fire,in order to prevent the Cold Food obersvacebuffet,so everyone to take parts in a number of sports to physical activity.Therefore,this festival both Jisao new grave Beisusan tear,and the death of laughter,visit a outing a rich characteristic holiday.

During such season time,you can
1. playing on swings. Eg:Potential energy is the high part of swinging.The higher you play on the swing,the more potential engergy you have.
2.Cuju. A kind of anciet Chinese football.
3.Tree planting
4.Fly kites
5.Ta-Qing. Go for an outing in the spring.
6.Plug in willow. Eg:For the most common and familiar and the deepest meaning of plants may be willow. Outing a plug in willow.

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